About Us

With over 25 years of buying in the fashion and interior design trade, our team collectively focuses on modern designs for the home, office and hospitality.  Everything we have selected in our collection is with one goal in mind: to help your style become a reality. 

The A Squared Away team is committed to offering the latest in trends and unique finds from all over the globe.  Our journey has brought them all here for you to enjoy and put them together to create your own style.

From floor to ceiling, we have hand-picked items we feel you can easily implement into your home, but don’t worry, if you feel you need additional assistance, we offer designer services from a simple room collaboration to a full interior design services.  Just contact us and let us know of your personal needs. 

Explore what we have to offer and always evolve your interiors, it’s an art form that needs to be showcased.

“An interior is the natural projection of the soul”
Coco Chanel